Along with our Trail Sister we also have Admins that help with everything behind the scenes of SSS. They run our Facebook Page, Host Rides, and plan our SSS Girls Days Out! They are the backbone of SSS and keep us moving in the right direction on and off the trails. 

Stacy Yoder

SSS Founder

HI! I’m Stacy and this is my 2004 TJ "Chip". I have been in the Jeep world for a little over 8 years now and have loved every second of it! My favorite place to wheel is in Windrock, TN with Moab, UT a close second. I started SSS to show every lady out there they can do anything they set their minds to on and off the trails. It is important that us as ladies have a great support system for encouraging each other without fear of rejection or embarrassment.  I feel that we do this daily through SSS.  It doesn't matter if we take ladies out of state to wheel for the 1st time or teaching them how to use 4wd for the first time... I love seeing their experiences and I am proud to be part of the memories that they will have.

Hello, I'm Shelley & this is my 2013 JK "Jersey".   She was the first brand new vehicle I had ever purchased.....bone stock with less than 20 miles.  I was quickly bitten by the off-road bug and we both grew from there. My jeep is more than just my vehicle.   She is an extension of myself - a tad loud, a little feisty, a bit tenacious and always ready for a challenge. She has changed my life in so many ways.  We have been through many adventures together and she has allowed me to find what is truly important in life and make so many amazing friendships.  I believe in constantly pushing myself and others to grow.  I love watching the accomplishments of our fellow jeep girls as they step outside their comfort zones and discover what they & their jeeps can do! 

Shelley C.

SSS Leader Since 10.8.17

Angela S.

SSS Leader Since 6.10.18

HI! I’m Angie! In 2017 my world got a WHOLE lot bigger when I became attached to my little beast Kidlin. She is a 2003 sexy blue TJ and I am head over heels for her! Most of my life I have been a bit of an outsider. Always wanting to find that one spot, that one group of people that I just connected with. I found it in SSS (formally JGN). Thanks to Kidlin and SSS I have done some amazing things! I have climbed over, been through, done, and seen things I have never dreamed of! Owning Kidlin and being part of SSS has taught me that I can do things that scare me, or that make me doubt myself. Also because of this I have also become stronger off the trails. I can now tackle things in my regular life, I would have never done before. Now I get to empower other Jeep girls! I love to encourage and show them that they can also step outside their comfort zones and do things they never thought they could do! It does not matter if it is on the trail or not. I love building each other up and passing down the wisdom I have gained in the last 3 years in the hopes that one day another Jeep girl can do the same!

Hello Ladies, my name is Mitzi and this is my 2016 JK "Maui". I started  wheeling at a very young age, my dad actually introduced me to it when he built a rail buggy and I fell in love. Fast forward to my husband who also loves wheeling and he introduced me to the Jeep life. I was always mostly a passenger for these adventures. Until Maui... I came home from work one day and informed my husband I no longer wanted my car and was going to buy a Jeep. Well he was beyond excited and found a few for me to go look at. It was love at first sight and Maui was MINE!!! 4 years later, lots of amazing trips and tons of learning experiences. I would not say I'm anywhere near an expert, but I am having the time of my life. Life is an adventure and you should never take it so seriously that you miss out on the adventure that awaits around the corner. SSS is more than a Jeep group, it's a family. SSS is about helping you learn and grow, it may be uncomfortable and a tad nerve racking at times, but we are all here to support and encourage you. You will so glad you gave it a try and even proud of that scratch on your bumper. Can't wait to see all of you on the trails!

Mitzi B.

SSS Leader Since 5.26.19

SSS Leader Since 5.26.19

Melissa E.

SSS Leader Since 1.29.20

Hello! My name is Melissa and this is my 2018 JLU, Geraldine. She was named after my amazing maw-maw, so I can always have her with me. She loved life to the fullest, so it’s a reminder to me to not take life so seriously. The wrangler has been my dream vehicle for years and I was finally able to get one three years ago. Two months after getting her, I was hit head on by another driver. It bent the frame, which we had replaced. But, she saved me, my two boys and my dogs’ lives that day. As soon as I got her fixed, I took her off roading and I have been hooked since! My husband and I have been slowly building her into what she is today. Of course, we aren’t done yet (probably never will be, lol). When I joined this group, I never expected it to be such a passion for me. But getting the welcome that I did, and knowing I would never be judged for the lack of knowledge I had or the lack of off-roading experience I had, I instantly loved SSS. I am so honored to be a part of Sisterhood, and to help other ladies learn and understand what we are all about. My favorite thing ever is to see the confidence build in newer drivers when we take them trail riding for the first time. Their smiles are contagious!! I am so excited for this coming year and the new charities we will be involved in. Can’t wait to see you on the trails very soon!

Hey ladies! My name is Maggie. My interest in Jeeps comes from my favorite show, Gilmore Girls. I always wanted one because Lorelei had one. My dream came true in October of 2018. My Jeep is a 2008 JKU. She is a work in progress, but she is my baby. She has a 6” lift and 37s. My interest in off-roading started with my step dad taking me to a mud bog when I was 12. A new engine and transmission later and I learned mud isn’t as much fun as I thought lol. I have a 4-year-old daughter named Adalynn who is a mini Jeep girl. She loves to cheer everyone on while they do obstacles. My Jeep has changed my life in so many ways, but most importantly it brought me the ladies in SSS, who are not just friends, but more like family. Joining SSS is the best decision I ever made. I have been pushed past my comfort zone and cheered on countless times. I have broken down and been rescued by women who are happy to help. I have asked the questions that feel silly, but had them taken seriously and got the answers I needed. SSS is truly a home for me and I know it will be for you too!

Maggie F.

SSS Leader Since 6.28.20

Susan V.

SSS Leader Since 8.3.20

Hey sisters!!! My name is Susan and my Jeep is Shambala, a 2012 black JKU that I’ve had since September 2017. The name came from my favorite song by Three Dog Night. The name means peace, tranquility, and happiness, which represents JEEP LIFE!! I have been with SSS since May 2018 and have met so many great ladies. I live in New Port Richey, FL and travel to SW Georgia every other week. I love to hunt and fish and love being at the beach. I have two sons, Cole and Deric and four cats, Buddy, Lillie, Tiger, and Michelob who are all siblings. I am so excited to get back on the trails and meet more amazing ladies.