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Life is not about material things; it is about the adventures we have. We feel that if we provide the opportunity to put your Jeep in 4wd then we are giving people experiences that they will never forget. Our Jeeps can take us to some pretty amazing places and we love sharing that with others.

-Gabe & Stacy Yoder


Stacy Wright - Founder of Seven Slot Sisterhood

When I started Seven Slot Sisterhood (originally founded as Jeep Girl Nation)  in October of 2017 in my home town of Tampa, Florida, I never dreamed that it would grow into what it is today. Our mission is to build a community where all “Jeep Girls” can come together to learn how to wheel, work on their rigs and just generally live the Jeep Life. My goal is for SSS is to offer a safe environment for Q&A, FREE educational videos/classes, and to bring strong like minded women together and build each other up, one mod at a time.

Strong Alone, UNSTOPPABLE Together...  


Stacy Yoder-

Founder of Seven Slot Sisterhood


When Stacy & I founded SSU in August of 2018 we didn't want to be another "club" we wanted to stand for something more.  Seven Slot United is a brand that represents the Jeep Life. It doesn’t matter what banner you run or the group you ride with. The one thing that matters it that we have a passion for our Jeeps, wheeling and helping those within our community. Our goal is to bring back the old ways, before the drama & politics. We are good honest Jeepers doing the things we love. Seven Slots is Seven Slots…lifted or stock we are all UNITED.

Gabe Yoder -

Co-Founder Seven Slot United


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