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We understand that finding fellow Jeep Girls to wheel and hang out with is not always easy, that is why we started the Seven Slot Sisterhood Network in February of 2020. Our goal for the SSS Network is to BUILD our community by connecting as many Jeep Girls with Jeep Girl Clubs as we can. Here at Seven Slot Sisterhood we know the importance of having that support system on and off the trails. This list is always growing so if you don’t see a group in your area please check back!


If you would like to add your JEEP GIRL group to the list, please reach out to us at SevenSlotSisterhood@gmail.com

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Please keep in mind that there is no fee to have your group added to the list! We are working together with other amazing Jeep Girl Groups to help connect our awesome communities around the country. If you are in this state and would like to add your JEEP GIRL CLUB to our list please send us an email at SevenSlotSisterhood@gmail.com

Please make sure your club meets our guidelines to be added:

1. Must be a REAL LIVE CLUB, not a Facebook Group.

2. Your club must "host" different events. (Rides, Socials or Educational Classes)

3. Your club may charge a "Yearly Membership Fee" but not charge for "classes". We understand that clubs may have costs to run, and  some things do have an "admission fee" but we don't feel that ladies should be charged extra money to learn more about their Jeeps and grow themselves.

4. Play Nice with others! We are all here to GROW and SUPPORT the ladies of the Jeep community. We should always lead by example. This isn't high school...No DRAMA allowed :) 

5. Support other clubs! At the end of the day we are all in this together. The goal of the Seven Slot Sisterhood Network is to show that we are all about supporting each other on and off the trails.