What does it mean to be a Trail Sister with Seven Slot Sisterhood? Well, that is a GREAT question! A Trail Sister is someone we feel is a true testament to what SSS is and what we stand for. These amazing ladies are all about supporting you and making sure you always know you have a place with us. We didn't choose them because of the type of Jeeps they drive, level of experience or how many followers they have on IG. We choose them because they understand what it means to be a Seven Slot Jeep Girl. They all bring something unique to our family and share different life experiences to make them to be able to connect with other Jeep Girls and show them what we are about. They will help us grow the brand and support our current members within our community.  

Hi all, my name is Lisa and this is Short Stack. Shes a 2016 JKU Sahara. Since I've had her I've been slowly making modifications as I find or break something! I've always wanted to wheel but didn't know anyone who did or even had the confidence until I found this group! Being around this group of women has been an amazing journey so far and I look forward to meeting all of you amazing women as well! See you on the trails!

Lisa S.

2021 Trail Sister

Allison L.

2021 Trail Sister

Hi, my name is Allison, and I’m from a small town in southern Maine! I’m a 9-1-1 dispatcher, and absolutely love helping my community and making a difference. I have wanted a Jeep for as long as I can remember, and was finally able to make that dream come true almost seven months ago, when I bought Sully. Since then, I have been absolutely in love with not only the vehicle, but the family that comes with it. I’m a proud member of multiple Jeep groups, and am incredibly honored to have been given the opportunity to lead as a Trail Sister! Always feel free to send a message my way, I’m ALWAYS up for a chat with a sister! Don’t worry, be happy!

Hey there! My name is Nichole. I've always been a Jeep fan but my husband's 2016 purchase of his JK was my first true introduction to Jeep Life. We've spent some time locally on trails but this photo is from our honeymoon in Aruba. Renting a Jeep and wheeling there was one of my favorite memories. I came home wanting my own. Life happened and we ended up having our our son within the next year. 2020 came and I finally purchased my 2007 JK. He's under constant construction and is in a bit of an identity crisis but he's still all mine. I joined SSS to find others to go out of the trails with but this group is so much more that that. They really are an incredibly knowledgeable and inclusive group of amazing women!

Nichole B.

2021 Trail Sister

Valorie W.

2021 Trail Sister

Hi, my name is VaIorie and I am in Del Rio, Texas. Have a great jeep life. My husband is my mechanic. Been to Panama City Florida twice for Florida Jeep Jam. Meet Jeepsy Rose. She is joy in my life. Love driving her. Have gone from Texas to Florida and Texas to California with her.

Hi! I am Corinne - I joined the jeep community back in 2015; however, didn’t know what, who, where, or how to do any of the fun stuff. Then in 2019, I met these amazing ladies and proud to call myself part of SSS. I am looking forward to growing and expanding my knowledge and getting to do the same for all of you. Since my first trail ride, I have been hooked and always on the hunt to do more! We have such an incredible community. And this is Riot Ride, he is a 2017 Rubicon, and while he came to me already built up a bit, I continue to make him my own. His name is a combination of being a die-hard Carolina Panther fan (if you know, you know) and being from New Jersey; I have been told many times I am a riot. Not sure if that is a good thing or not, but we will go with it. Riot Ride and I enjoy venturing out and testing our limits every time we hit the trails. While not with Riot Ride, the coolest off-road experience so far was out in Moab, hoping to get him out there soon. If you love the jeep life, want to meet a great group of sisters, and share in all we do, check us out, or next time you see us on the road, feel free to follow us; we always end up somewhere fun. You will NOT be disappointed! 

Corinne L.

2021 Trail Sister

Rachael K.

2021 Trail Sister

Hi all!!! I’m Rachael and this is my 2020 Gladiator “Unlucky”! Unlucky is my 3rd Jeep. My first Jeep that I got in 2012 that is a 2013 JKU “Sunburst” that we still have and my oldest daughter now drives. My second was a 17 JKUR that we traded for my gladiator. I’m a mom of three girls and 4 pups so you can always find me doing something. I’ve been a member of SSS since the beginning but I’m super excited to be more involved this year! I love helping other women like us to become more comfortable and confident in their Jeep! It’s so amazing to see the look on others faces when they conquer something they had feared or thought they couldn’t do! Come say hi when you see me! I can’t wait to meet everyone!

My name is Nitza and this is my boy Glow Stick, a 2017 JKU... I'm from Puerto Rico and I've been living in Florida for the last 10 years. My jeeping journey is been a total adventure from being too scared to even drive my jeep to becoming a trail leader. My life is full. My line is and always will be:"JEEP-ON LADIES".

Nitza F.

2021 Trail Sister

Lisa B.

2021 Trail Sister

Hey ladies! I am Lisa Benefiel. I am 56 & my Jeep is a 2017 Rubicon Recon named Stormy. I got her in 2017 to replace my 1st Jeep, Sunshine, who i lost in Hurricane Irma, hence why I named her Stormy. I LOVE being a Jeep girl! I got Sunshine as a gift for myself at the age of 47. She was something I had always dreamed of owning. Since then i have never looked back! Stormy is my daily driver, my weekend fun & my sanity in more ways than i can mention. She gives me joy, strength, courage & confidence. She pushes me thru my anxiety & beyond my fears. I can't imagine life without her & i can't imagine a better group of ladies to share this experience with. Seven Slot Sisterhood has been a lifesaver & has motivated me to continue to support, uplift & push other women to be brave & strong! My life pretty much revolves around Stormy, wine & my dogs; Abby, an 8 year old Staffordshire Terrier mix rescue & Teca, a 2 1/2 year old Vizsla. I can’t wait to help other ladies experience the Jeep Life.

This is KARL my awesome 2016 Rubicon since June 2020. The moment I drove him I knew it was meant to be and that I had once again found my Freedom! Karl & I are a lot alike , we are both stronger than we look, we are always willing to lend help to anyone who needs it and for those willing to look closer, you will find something most wonderful in us !
I’m so excited to be part of this wonderful group of strong women and looking forward to getting to know all my new Sisters in 2021 !

Karl Karl

2021 Trail Sister

Marie A.

2021 Trail Sister

My name is Marie Arcand aka Lioness Jeepchick. I own and operate RCI Jeep & 4x4 in Melbourne Florida with my Husband. My trail rig is a 2006 TJ Rubicon. My Husband bought it for me as an anniversary present in 2014. My first Jeep was a 1974 CJ5 and will probably go down in history as my favorite. Because we are so busy running our business wheeling is my stress relief. I love to help Ladies learn to wheel and discover that they too can be bad Ass Jeep Chicks.

Hi, my name is Christina and I live in Spring Hill, Florida. I started my Jeep journey in 2019 when I moved to Florida. I had always admired jeeps since I was 18 and always wanted one. But joining the military meeting my husband and being a military wife and mom of five wonderful kids kind of put me in large 15 pack vans or mini vans most of my adult life. Since moving to Florida my kids are all older and drive so it was time for a me vehicle. I started with a 2015 dragon edition named Fury and in the first week of owning her was told about the SSS and joined of course. Went on my first trail ride with them and was hooked! 6 months later I bought Valor my 2018 jl that was lifted and full of spunk. So I had my daily driver Fury and my toy Valor. Had so much fun with both of these. 2020 came and job changed due to Covid-19. So I traded them both in on my 2018 rubicon which is currently needing a name. I love her and she fits me to a tee:) I am so excited and ready to see what 2021 brings us and to flex her muscles with this amazing group of ladies Can’t wait to meet more of you!

Christina M.

2021 Trail Sister


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