What does it mean to be a Trail Sister with Seven Slot Sisterhood? Well, that is a GREAT question! A Trail Sister is someone we feel is a true testament to what SSS is and what we stand for. These amazing ladies are all about supporting you and making sure you always know you have a place with us. We didn't choose them because of the type of Jeeps they drive, level of experience or how many followers they have on IG. We choose them because they understand what it means to be a Seven Slot  Jeep Girl. They all bring something unique to our family and share different life experiences to make them to be able to connect with other Jeep Girls and show them what we are about. They will help us grow the brand and support our current members within our community.

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Hi - I'm Shelley & this is Jersey (is that how we're supposed to start?) I entered the jeep life in 2013.  I bought a jeep because I wanted a convertible, but didn't want to give up driving an SUV.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into, nor the places this little baby would take me.  I was quickly bitten by the off-road bug and we both started to grow from there. My jeep is more than just my vehicle, she is an extension of myself - a tad loud, a little feisty, a bit tenacious and always ready for a challenge.  We have been through many adventures together and she has allowed me to find what is truly important in life and make so many amazing friendships.  I believe in constantly pushing myself and others to grow.  I love watching the accomplishments of our fellow jeep girls as they step outside their comfort zones and discover what they & their jeeps can do! 

Hello! My name is Melissa. I have a 2018 JL that I named after my late maw maw, Geraldine. I am so honored to be a sisterhood leader. It has been a really fun experience.  Jeeping for my family and I has become part of our family bonding.  We’ve made a lot of great memories in the last few years and look forward to making many more with what has become my second family, Seven Slot Sisterhood. Hope to see you on the trails soon! 

Hi, My name is Sara and this is my 2014 JKU Aloy. We have been adventuring together for almost 3 years and now I couldn’t imagine life without a jeep. I grew up in Florida and just recently moved to Tucson, Arizona. There’s endless exploring to do here and Aloy and I are out on the trails every chance we get! I led ladies group rides in Florida and am continuing the trend here in Arizona! My love for leading all started when I attended an SSS maintenance class and was inspired by what our founder was doing to make a difference in the jeep community. I love being a part of this supportive sisterhood and helping women boost their confidence out on the trails.

Hi! My name is Sheila and I'm a Florida native. This is my baby...no name yet. When it hits me, I will change that. I drove a TJ prior for fun and loved it so much that I decided to get a JLU. I love doing trails or playing in the dirt, as well as relaxing beach trips. I have one grown son and two pups (Bristol and Sienna). Love to take them all out with me exploring from time to time. When not Jeepin, you can usually find me on a boat or SxS playing! As a former JGF admin, I am happy to be joining forces with SSS and look forward to meeting all the awesome ladies!


Let's see..about me. Ummm. I'm fairly new to Jeeps, only about 3 years now. I'm married to Ed, who drives Jynxx. My Jeep is and 03 TJ, Kidlin. Shes nothing fancy, but shes mine! If you look carefully at her you will see hidden fairies! Please do not hesitate to come up and say HI when you see me on the trails!

Well hey hidy ho! My name is Becky and this here is Moto-Moto. He’s an 07 Rubi and a lifelong dream of mine ever since I watched the Duke Boys destroy Daisy’s Roadrunner and she got her CJ-7 Golden Eagle “Dixie”. I’m a Michigan/New York transplant soaking up the sun here in Central Florida with my husband of 16 years, our 13yo daughter and our 11yo son. I’ve been getting down and dirty with Moto for a couple years now and can’t tell ya how excited I am to be a part of Seven Slot Sisterhood. Lookin forward to sharing what I’ve learned as well as continuing my education with all of ya! Please be sure to say hi next time we’re on the trails or in the parkin lot! Matter of fact, bring a chair and come sit a spell. I’ve never met a stranger. See ya on the trails!

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Hi my name is Jeannie and this is my 2008 JKU " Ursula". She is my favorite Disney Villain! I have an Amazing husband, George who made my dream of owning a Jeep a reality.Ursula was a Christmas gift a few years ago. We have two wonderful kids Chase 16, Callie 12 and we have one dog Freya. Being part of SSS is way more than just a Jeep group for Girls, we are Family! We all really have a great time together whether it's on the Trails,Wrenching together, Learning something new, Jeep events, Chilling on the Beach or a BBQ. I am Truly grateful for meeting such a Fabulous group of Ladies. Love Jeep Life

Hey everybody! I’m Maddie , I have just moved to Colorado with my daughter , husband and two pups. My husband was just medically discharged out of the military so I am excited to start exploring this beautiful state I get to call home now . I have owned my Jeep for almost 2 years now and I think I will forever be upgrading and changing things around on her , being a Jeep owner and a part of this incredible community is just amazing and I look forward to meeting more of you.

Hello, my name is Renée and this is my ‘17 Sahara, Lil Monster. I found out about this amazing group of ladies when I attended my first Jeep Beach in 2018. As a newbie to the Jeep world, I was intimidated about offroading until I got to meet Sara at a one of her Weekday Wheelings at Citrus WMA. I have never met such an incredible group of encouraging women in my life. I am so proud to call these ladies my sisters and to get the opportunity to share the knowledge that I have learned now that I have taken over Weekday Wheeling. Please, come join me out on the trails!

My name is Nitza and this is my boy Glow Stick, a 2017 JKU... I'm from Puerto Rico and I've been living in Florida for the last 10 years. My jeeping journey is been a total adventure from being too scared to drive my jeep to becoming a trail leader. My life is full of incredible people, experiences and memories. I will see you all on the trails. And as always :  "JEEP-ON LADIES". 

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Hello!!! My name is Susan! My Jeep is Shambala, a 2012 black JKU and I’ve had it since September 2017. The name came from my favorite song by Three Dog Night. When I googled the name (to make sure it wasn’t something crazy) it explained that Shambala is a mystical kingdom hidden in the Himalayas. The name means peace, tranquility, and happiness, which is how I feel when I’m in my Jeep.

I have been with SSS since May 2018 when it was Jeep Girl Nation and have loved every minute of it.  I live in New Port Richey, FL and I spend a good portion of my time in Georgia as well.  I have two boys, Cole (18) and Deric (13), and four cats. I hunt and fish which means I love the beach, the boat, and the woods.

I just recently became a trail sister and admin for SSS/JGF and I am thrilled to get to know more sisters and learn from everyone!

Hi ladies! My name is Maggie. I got my Jeep in October 2018 and I have been hooked ever since. She has a 6” lift and 37s. I tried out so many Jeep groups for the first year and a half and never got “that feeling”. At one point I even said I would never banner my Jeep. Then I went to an event with SSS and knew I found my home. I ordered a banner the next day. There’s nothing I love more than learning from the ladies that know more than me, and helping out ladies that need it. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you ever have questions or just want to talk! A little about me: I’m currently working on my masters in forensic psychology, I have a 3-year-old daughter named Adalynn, and I have a Great Dane named Sahara (yes, like the Jeep). I can’t wait to see you out on the trails. Make sure you come up and say hi! 


Hey there, my name is Mitzi and this is my 2016 JKU "Maui". We have been makin' memories for over 3 years now. We have always been a Jeep family, but this is the first one that is all mine! So my Hubby is beyond supportive of me and all Jeep women. I am very thankful to be a part of the SSS community of women. I love the support and encouragement that is given to everyone, no matter the skill level. Your Sisters help you to conquer your fears so you can soar to new heights.  I have learned so much and continue to learn every time we get together. Feel free to ask me anything, if I don't now the answer I can find the woman that does - she's in this group, I know she is. See you on the trails - Make sure to say hey!


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